A Daily Reconnecting


“But despite his very busy schedule, Jesus is undeterred from daily reconnecting with God.  He leaves cities with people unhealed, prayers unprayed, and work undone all so he can spend time with God.” – Alli Worthington, Breaking Busy

In my last blog post I shared how I felt compelled to re-evaluate how I spend my time right now, especially my alone time (or lack of) with God.  I have been so busy “being busy” that I feel my priorities have gotten a bit skewed. This was, I decided, an excellent time to start reading a book I had purchased awhile back but had never gotten around to reading – Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy, by Alli Worthington.  Well, I didn’t just begin reading it yesterday – I devoured it!  (All the while furiously highlighting passages in my Kindle and frantically writing down responses in my journal).  If ever a book has resonated with a particular season of my life, it is surely this one.

The quote from the top of this post was one that really jumped out at me fairly early on in the book.  It comes at the end of a section entitled, “Signs of Capacity Overload.”  In this section Alli gives the reader seven signs (I could identify with many of them) and the last one is called “Neglecting God.”  Now that sign I could identify with for sure!

I think what I like most about the quote is that it shows how even Jesus had limits while he was here on earth!  He couldn’t physically do everything at once, go everywhere he was needed, be all things to all people, or get through life without needing to reconnect with the Father.  So who am I to think I should to be more than He was able to be?

The book, Breaking Busy, says it this way: “If Jesus himself, Lord of the universe yet bound in a human body, didn’t do more than God called him to do, neither should we.  Jesus accepted his natural limitations (a human body born in ancient Israel), then lived a life of proactive edits, actively choosing each day to follow God’s calling for his life”  So then, my question for myself is this:  What had God called me to do?

And that is precisely what this book is giving me the tools to help figure out.  For example, Alli talks about how being “crazy busy” really means that we are without peace in our lives, living for the approval of man and not God (see Galatians 1:10), doing what we feel we “should” be doing, and simply trying to make others happy, etc.  She states, “All this busyness, in the end, keeps us just out of reach of the life we were created to live.”

I am seeing how important it is to stop the busyness in my life and why this has become such an issue for me lately – why God has laid it so strongly on my heart to stop!  Because the book also says that “when we are operating under the belief that we can do it all, we’re forgetting how God wants us to rely on him.  We’re adding so much extra “noise” to our lives that we can’t hear his voice speaking our true calling … if we don’t have times of quiet in our lives, we’ll miss hearing what to say yes to and what to say no to.”

Breaking Busy has encouraged me that I need to not just find time but make time to stay connected with God and to hear His voice.  Therefore, it isn’t just about finding a time to fit Him into my otherwise jam-packed schedule.  No, to me this means carving out time right from the get-go and giving him the “first fruits” of my day, of my week, of my month.  I’m sure it isn’t going to come easily or naturally, especially at first.  But, oh, I know if I do this it will be so worth it!




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