All About Me

On a recent mission trip to Costa Rica

Some bloggers say they don’t know how they got started as they always hated English class.  I, on the other hand, always loved English class and even had  brief stint as a high school English teacher.  But I didn’t start journaling regularly until a few years ago and didn’t start back into creative writing until even more recently.  Eventually though, I realized that I need to get my thoughts out through the written word, that I have something worthwhile to say and that it can possibly bless people in the process.  So I’d say it has been a slow but steady climb to get to this point of actually starting a blog!  My goal is to simply share with others as a fellow journeyer in this life God has blessed us with – through the good times and also the challenging times.  And that you may be refreshed and encouraged and inspired by what you find here.

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life and currently reside in the Seattle area.  Thankfully, my parents and my two brothers’ families all live within a few hours drive of here so we see a lot of each other.  And the PNW is such a beautiful area that I am often out hiking in the mountains or heading down to one of the beaches or parks nearby.  But I also love a good book so my Kindle gets a lot of use too!  However, when I am not journaling, spending time with family, out enjoying God’s creation, or curled up with a good book, you can usually find me on a coffee date with a friend – Seattle is known for its good coffee after all.