Five Minute Friday: Blessing

The word for this week’s Five Minute Friday free-write is “blessing.”  (Click on the image above to find some other great posts in the linkup too.) Here goes:

I read the following story yesterday in the book, Sabbath, by Wayne Muller.  It really made me rethink the whole idea of what I see as blessings in my life.  Enjoy:

“There is an old Taoist story about a wise man on the northern frontier of China.  One day, for no apparent reason, a young man’s horse ran away and was taken by nomads across the border.  Everyone tried to offer consolation for the man’s ill fortune, but his father, a wise man, said, ‘What makes you so sure this is not a blessing?’

Months later, his horse returned, bringing with her a magnificent stallion.  This time everyone was full of congratulations for the son’s good fortune.  But now his father said, ‘What makes you so sure this isn’t a disaster?’ Their household was made richer by this fine horse, which the son loved to ride.  But one day he fell off the horse and broke his hip.  Once again, everyone offered their consolation for his bad luck, but his father said, ‘What makes you so sure this is not a blessing?’

A year later the nomads mounted an invasion across the border, and every able-bodied man was required to take his bow and go into battle.  The Chinese frontiersmen lost nine of every ten men.  Only because the son was lame did father and son survive to take care of each other.  Truly the story reminds us, blessing turns to disaster, and disaster to blessing:  The changes have no end, nor can the mystery be fathomed.”

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    1. Yeah, I kept on hearing about it from authors and bloggers I like so decided to check it out. Taken me awhile to get through it but the book is one to read a bit and then think about that for awhile. Thanks for stopping by!

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