Five Minute Friday: Focus


**Today I am participating in Five Minute Friday where we are given word for the day and then get to do a five minute free-write on it.  Click on the image above to go to the linkup and read some from other bloggers also.**

The word for today is FOCUS.  Here goes:

Sadly, what comes to mind when I hear the word focus is a bunch of negative connotations.  Like, “losing my focus” or “being unable to focus,” etc.  Why is this?  Why can’t I instead see this in a positive light like “staying focused” and “focus on the good in things,” etc.

But no, that is not where I go first and foremost.  And the funny thing is that I usually don’t have too much trouble staying focused on a task for the most part.  But maybe I have a fear that if I do I will become flakey and flighty.

My main thing that helps me to focus is finding an object to focus on that I am interested in and even passionate about.  Then, well “watch out world ’cause here I come!”

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