Five Minute Friday: Surrender


The word for this week’s Five Minute Friday free-write is “surrender.”  (Click on the image above to find some other great posts in the linkup too.) Here goes:

When I first hear this word the song, I Surrender All, pops into my head. Specifically the chorus, “I surrender all, I surrender all, all to Thee my blessed Savior, I surrender all.” And then I wonder what kind of hypocrite I am in singing this song – I mean have I really surrendered all to Jesus?

Part of this thinking comes from a new book I have started called The Hole in the Gospel by World Vision’s president, Richard Stearns.  (He would probably not be happy that all his book has done so far has made me harder on myself then I already am though but, hey, I’m only on Chapter 2!)

The premise of what I have read so far however is that the gospel is not merely a personal salvation message for us but is meant to be a social revolution for the world.  The gospel is not just a ticket to heaven but a total surrendering of our life to Christ in the here and now.

This also reminds me of the Saving Life of Christ by Major Ian Thomas who founded the Torchbearer Bible Schools (I attended the Capernwray Harbour one back in 2000).  He always said a similar thing in the book – the Gospel isn’t just good news about heaven someday but is also meant to be good news for us today.  Even growing up in the church, I remember that this assertion made an impact on me then and still affects me today.

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Surrender

  1. Julia Putzke

    I love love love hearing that someone is hard on themselves because ?. Me too! I have a hard time surrendering to god’s love for me personally let alone share his love with others. I feel like I share more out of fear of being liked, well received, understood mostly. It is crazy and every I mess up (or I think I do), I don’t think God can love me anymore. Do you ever want to be full of God’s love so that when you give it doesn’t feel out of guilt or any other icky feeling?

    Thank you for sharing this. We’re neighbors on fmf 🙂

    1. Bethany Post author

      Welcome, glad you could identify with my post/ 🙂 I also know the feeling about sharing out God’s love out of an overflow of the heart/life versus out of duty or obligation (or guilt). One devotional I found that really helped me in this area was “The Indwelling Life of Christ” by Major Ian Thomas. I highly recommend it!


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