Five Minute Friday: “Time”

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Today’s Five Minute Friday free-write is on the word “Time.”  Here goes:

What came to mind is God’s time versus my time.  And they so often aren’t compatible!  God’s timing seems slow and painful at times as I try to reconcile it with the timing I so desire.  And yet at other times I can look back and see God’s providence through it all and realize that His timing was best after all.

So when am I okay with God’s timing and when do I try to make my own timing work?  Hmm, that is a good question to ponder.  I think that I am okay with God’s timing for the big things, the issues that are truly outside of my control or my direction.  It is then that I wait and trust much easier for His workings to come about in my life.

It is the little things of my life, or the daily and everyday issues that I have a harder time giving up to God’s timing.  For it is in these things that I feel I AM capable, I AM in control, I AM within my “right” to handle these things on my own.  I often try to bring them about in my own timing, to make them happen, to rush things or put things off as the situation so deserves.

I think the time has come to try and reconcile the two times (God’s time and my time) and I’ll be much better and wiser for it!


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: “Time”

  1. Jennifer Bogdanowicz

    Reconciling God’s time with our own can be really hard. I often have to remind myself that “It’s not about me”. It’s about Him. Usually, when I want to control stuff I want it to be about me. Praying with you Sister as you lean in for His timing in all things. God bless your journey!

    1. Bethany Post author

      Thanks so much for for your encouragement and prayers! And the reminder that it isn’t about me but it is to glorify God!


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