Knowing Our Worth


“Keeping us busy trying prove our worth is the easiest way to keep us from the life God created us to live because it makes us think that our worth is based on what we do, instead of who God is.” – Alli Worthington, Breaking Busy

Oh my goodness, Alli Worthington hit it out of the park (at least for me) with her new book, Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy!  For one, I can’t remember this last time I finished a non-fiction book in two days.  For another, I can’t remember every wanting to highlight an ENTIRE CHAPTER as much as I wanted to with the last one in this book.  (I’ll have to be careful this post doesn’t turn into a giant “quote bomb”).

Like I said in my previous post, for many reasons this book has truly resonated with this particular season of my life.  And it was that last chapter entitled, “Worth: Finding Your Value in a World of Never Good Enough” that really sealed the deal for me.  Alli said she actually wanted to start her book with this chapter but decided she’d better build up to it instead.  I think she made a wise choice with that.

This chapter about realizing just where our true worth lies (and let me tell you it is NOT in keeping “crazy busy”) really helped pull it all together for me.  It wasn’t necessarily anything I had never heard before or even anything I didn’t already believe in my head but I was soon shown how my actions – through constant busyness and overcommitment –  reveal I sure don’t believe it in my heart.

She says early on in the chapter that we shouldn’t listen to the Enemy’s lies of shame and pride that drive us to prove our worth.  Through this I realized I had never truly gotten to the root of all my busyness before.  I guess I just had never put all this together – this idea that often shame or pride drives the busyness in my life because I either think I am not good enough or else that I am somehow valuable because of my own effort.  Wow – what a punch to the gut with that one!

But the book goes onto my favorite section of all called, “Authentic Worth” where Alli so beautifully gives out the hope of the gospel message:

“Jesus’ redemptive love, his saving grace, and his forgiveness are what make us worthy.  Our worth does not come through our great accomplishments, nor does it come from other people’s acceptance (or rejection) of us.  Jesus teaches us that our worth is in him.  We are made in his image, crafted beautifully in the womb, full of passions and giftings, and with the potential to do amazing things through his power.

We must simply grasp that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  When we know our worth – and the glory from where it originates – we are able to break the cycle of busy that causes us to strive to prove (to ourselves and others) that we have value.”

Yes!  I saw that this was what had been missing in my heart knowledge of who I truly am.  And the lack of it was the real reason behind all my busyness  and most likely the reason I felt God calling me to stop it all.  He knew the cause of it and also knew I needed to see this for myself.



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