Living Like A Beggar?!


“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19)

I read Phil 4:19 in my Experiencing God Day by Day devotional yesterday morning.  This verse and part of the accompanying devotional have been coming to my mind over and over since then.  Here’s what the devotional had to say about this verse:

“Every resource of God is available to any child of God who will believe Him.  No one has ever exhausted God’s supply nor suffered a shortfall when trusting Him.  Unfortunately, some Christians live as if God’s abundant resources are not available to them.  They are children of the King, but they live like beggars!

Ever since reading that last line,  I have been mulling over in my mind just how I am living my life right now.  Do I live trusting God to meet my needs, or do I just wonder why He hasn’t met my wants yet?  Do I live my life like a child of a king or like a beggar?

On a spiritual survey I took last spring during my training to become a Stephen Minister, I gave myself a 2 out of 5 in the category of “Faith.”  5 was the best (“I never worry because I am always sure God is caring for me”) and 1 was the worst (“I’m always worried and I never take risks because I can’t trust God or others”).  It was by far the category where I scored myself the lowest (other categories were: Awareness of God’s presence, Hope, Love, Gratitude and Openness to Grace, Repentance and Humility, and Community).

I can remember this being a big eye-opener to me at the time as far as where my level of trust in God truly was.  Especially when some of the in-class reading from our Stephen Ministry training manual expounded on the topic of “Faith” by saying: “Faith is a way of living that demonstrates trust in God.  People who hear and believe that God loves them tend to live in ways that show that belief.  They have confidence because they know that God is caring for them.  They are able to take risks and embrace change because they know God is in control of the outcome … People with faith in God tend to live as Jesus taught, because they know that God will take care of them, no matter what.”

Even back then, I knew I wasn’t living out this definition of faith very well in my life.  And then to hear Henry and Richard Blackaby call it “living like a beggar instead of a child of the King” brought it all back to mind again.  And jolted in my heart a desire to change this!

Lord, show me what is holding me back from truly trusting in You.  Bring to light any lies I might be believing that are blocking my faith and trust in Your grace for me.  Help me remember to identify and thank You when I see places You have met my needs.   Forgive me for living my life out as a beggar in this area.  Please show me how to live instead as a child of the King!

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