Welcome to my Blog!

This post has been a long time coming.  So much in my life journey so far has led up to the realization that I AM a writer.  That I need to get my thoughts out through the written word, that I have something worthwhile to say and that it can possibly bless others in the process.  If you read my “All About Me” page, you learned I have always loved English class and writing.  But for many years, I suppressed that part of myself and focused on other, more worthwhile, goals (or so I thought).  But after participating in an online writing event a few years back, I realized that I feel joy when I write and can easily lose myself in my writing.  That was a big clue right there.  Up to this point I have focused mostly on journaling for myself, creative writing, and writing devotionals or Bible studies for various ministries.  And yet, I also felt I needed something more, another outlet as well.

Therefore, welcome to my blog! And may you be refreshed and encouraged and inspired by what you find here.  My goal is to simply share with you as a fellow journeyer in this life God has blessed us with – through the good times and also the challenging times.  As I strive to learn how to live out “life to the full” (John 10:10) – to live this life in the way Jesus desires us to live – may we both be enlightened by the lessons He shows me along the way.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.   And who knows where it all might lead?

One place it is already leading to is my participation in write31days.com.  This is a writing event where bloggers write one post every day in October.  I thought this might be a good way to jump right into blogging with both feet so to speak.  Wise?  We’ll see. But I already have my topic and post ideas all lined up.  So make sure to subscribe to my blog now so you won’t miss a single one!

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